Paul B Davis

Paul B. Davis developed the use of hacked Nintendo Entertainment System cartridges as an artistic medium and as co-founder of BEIGE Records and the BEIGE Programming Ensemble, created BEIGE’s first Nintendo artworks. His Nintendo works premiered in 2000, and both solo and collaborative works have been shown at the Whitney Museum of Modern Art, Whitechapel Gallery, Witte de With, Team Gallery. BEIGE members have subsequently used hacked NES systems to create a distinct body of work that has been shown internationally.

Paul created The BEIGE World Cassette Jockey Championships, and is the only DJ to ever get thrown off stage at the Technics/DMC World DJ Championships.

Paul B Davis CV

Seventeen Exhibitions

Define your terms (or Kanye West Fucked Up My Show)
Intentional Computing


Paul B. Davis, Codec, 2009
Proprietary compression algorithm, single channel video with sound
6m 33 

Paul B Davis Miller Urey
Paul B. Davis & AIDS 3D, Miller Urey Bong, 2010
Class 4 laser, glass, steel, plastic, water, protective eyeware

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Paul B Davis, Critical Space Headgear
Paul B. Davis, Critical Space Headgear, 2009
Collaboration with Liam Fogerty
CCD camera, video processing and overlay module, video goggles,
mini-DVR, headband
PBD Compression Study III
Paul B. Davis, Video Compression Study I, Untitled Data Mash Up, 2007 (Installation shot)
Digital video projection
PBD Five in one Mario Clouds
Paul B. Davis, Five in One, Fantasy Cutscenes, 2007 (Screen shot)
Hacked NES cartridge
Paul B Davis Failed Aesthetics
Paul B. Davis, Failed Aesthetics 1-4, 2009
Oil on canvas
12 x 30 x 8 inches
PBD Fantasy Cutscene
Paul B. Davis, Five in One, Fantasy Cutscenes, 2007 (Screen shot)
Hacked NES cartridge
PBD 8 bit construction
Cover image from ‘8-bit construction set’ LP