David Blandy

David Blandy has established his terrain through a series of investigations into the cultural forces that influence him, ranging from his love of hip hop and soul, to computer games and manga. His works slip between performance and video, reality and construct, using references sampled from the disparate sources that provide his sense of self. His film, Child of the Atom, draws on his family history and is perhaps the most intimate and direct piece of self examination, following directly from earlier works which sought to question how much of a Western sense of identity can be constructed from diverse popular sources.

Recent projects include a solo show at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Germany, the Great North Run Moving Image commission in 2011, Crossroads a solo exhibition at Spike Island, Bristol, which toured to Turner Contemporary, Margate, and 176 Project Space, London and a solo show at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead.

David Blandy CV

Seventeen Exhibitions:

Child of the Atom
Blandy ExtinctionDavid Blandy, Tutorial: How to make a short video about extinction, 2014
Single channel video
9mins 48
Produced for the Serpentine Extinction Marathon

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David Blandy, Anjin 1600: Edo Wonderpark, 2013
Single channel video
8m 47
BLANDY garden install lr
David Blandy, Installation view of Anjin 1600: Edo Wonderpark, 2013
BLANDY Crossroads install 2 ZABLUDOWICZ
David Blandy, Crossroads, 2009 
Single channel video and installation 
13mins 26
Installation view at 176 Projects / Zabludowicz Collection, 2009

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David Blandy Duels and Dualities
David Blandy, Dual and Dualities, 2011
Reprogrammed and customised arcade machine
201 x 114 x 210 cm
David Blandy, Dual and Dualities, 2011 (screenshot)
Reprogrammed and customised arcade machine
201 x 114 x 210 cm

David BlandyChild of the atom2010 
Single channel video 
14.07 mins
Blandy Child Atom Film Install
David Blandy, Child of the Atom, 2010
Single channel video on hard drive as media file
14 min. 06
David Blandy Child of the Atom
David Blandy, Child of the Atom, 2010
Mixed media installation
David Blandy, Poster for The Barefoot Lone Pilgrim, 2007
Blandy Standing Minstrel
David Blandy, The White and Black Minstrel Show, 2007 
Single Channel Video
7 mins. 25
BLANDY Barefoot Lone Pilgrim comic cover
David Blandy, The Barefoot Lone Pilgrim, Volume 2, 2008
30.5 x 21 cm

David Blandy, From the Underground, 2001 – 2002
Single Channel Video
4 mins 21