David Raymond Conroy at Friedensbibliothek/Antikriegsmuseum Berlin

Opening 3rd March, 2017
4th March – 7th May 2017

Andrea Büttner is extending the invitation to her first exhibition at a Swiss institution, from Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen: in dialogue with her work she is presenting an exhibition about Simone Weil borrowed from the Friedensbibliothek/Antikriegsmuseum Berlin (Peace Library/ Anti-War Museum) and a film byDavid Raymond Conroy, (You (People) Are All The Same). «Gesamtzusammenhang» («Bigger Picture») brings together artistic and non-artistic questions which encompass humanity in connection with work, community and belief.

For more info: http://www.kunsthallesanktgallen.ch/en/exhibitions/current.html