David Blandy curates ‘The Field of Algorithms’

David Blandy has curated an online exhibition for The One Minutes. Live throughout May and June, ‘The Field of Algorithms’ is a mixtape of poetic machinima lasting exactly one minute. The 23 selected videos include a range of work by the following participating artists:

Benjamin Hall
Yorgos Papafigos
Tessa Garland
Adonis Archontides and Androula Kafa
Andy Nizinskyj
Lila Catalina Rene Michelle
Peter Martin
Lena Windisch
Jamie Jankovic
Ali Razzak and Peri Heath
Iain Douglas
Benjamin Hall
Petra Szeman
Rene Francis McBrearty, Lila Bullen-Smith, Michelle Mildenberg and Catalina Reyes
Zuzana Banasinska and Noé Cottencin
Chris Wicker
Derk Over
Cesar Majorana, Mylou Oord, Sigrún Sveinsdóttir and Mateo Vega
Seren Lewis
John Powell-Jones
Alej andra Morote Peralta and Alvaro Bretel
Marian Rosa van Bodegraven, Siomara van Bochove, Eva Bosveld, Jeroen Exterkater and Allison Heniquez


More information is available on The One Minutes website.