Victoria Adam, confidences

27th June – 3rd August 2019
PV Wednesday 26th June 6pm


perfume was the original offering to the gods.

two flowers invisible notes hang in the air like a concept, perfume concepts. a perfume that could get you through war

a perfume smells like the socks of a man who broke your heart but didn’t mean to. his mother does his laundry –

a perfume that is magnetic and placebo

a perfume with good acoustics

a solar powered perfume for saying goodbyes. inhale sweetness exhale masculinity, a modern spell for a scented queer future flowers are not passive tuscan leather is not phallic a body is a flower is a plant tho all life is copyrighted.

hack my pheromones for social mobility you can read my immune system from my armpit + opposite immunities attract

the architects tell you where to put your smells and what kind of smells are allowed and when

no seeds no smutty exuberance but plenty allergen no antidote.

smear yourself on lovers in the morning then your geranium deodorant is prophylactic on the tube, says don’t worry I smell like bathroom I’m joining a convent

the bay in my essential oil blend is full of daphne to protect you from coyote.

there was the guy who fell in love with sedated lions because their paws smell so musky. they pad circles around the village leaving a patchouli songline as a spirit threshold, here is yours, this is wild. a shamanic grid / a cage, who cages who first.

can I please smell your paw?

perfume is the opposite of shit, which means it implies shit, which makes it disgusting –

a rose rots like breasts are deluded by gravity, a rose has the highest vibration of all flowers

perfume contains a morality your body betrays your ethics

perfume is the urbanisation of a kiss

perfume is 3d

present and absent sacred and obscene. the revolution will smell guilty!

anya’s father had illegal ambergris and the brain tumour of a whale in a tin, or was it whale cum turned resin? 

i’ll buy datura perfume to signal my attachment style or one called cowboy or some other smell that will get them scared.

a perfume has problems

you neutralise the danger with the juice of small lemons.


Text by Rebecca Sharp