Joseph Wilson
17th to 28th July 2024
PV Wednesday 17th July 6pm


Step into Miss Shannon’s million dollar front-room in Oakland, California and learn about her obsession with faeries and the illuminati to her life-long search for “pretty”. A story that jolts from being operated on by a transphobic surgeon to being abandoned by her destructive, alcoholic father to find her ‘Rite of passage’. Merging live performance with film and photography, this show is a living embodiment of Shannon’s spirit bringing together original pieces from her home in California brought to life with archive footage and voice recordings documented by the artist between 2015-2021. Some days audiences may even be graced by Miss Shannon herself…

This installation is about loneliness, addiction and what it takes to become a Queer icon. Shannon survived off Bacardi and Coke, conspiracy theories and Newport Menthols, the last of which led to her premature death from emphysema in 2021. 

LUV SHANNON X asks where do trans elders fit into today’s society, who is there to look after them and what happens when we don’t? LUV SHANNON X begs these questions and offers no answers. After all, this is Shannon’s shot at fame, her time to shine and your chance to bask in the glow of this one–of-a-kind, era defining woman. BUT DON’T CALL HER HONEY!

Joseph Wilson is a queer artist and film director, living amongst the eclectic East London community. His work explores LGBTQ+ narratives, taking inspiration from his own lived experiences as well as documenting the people and places around him, amplifying their voices and celebrating their stories through his work

Director: Joseph Wilson
Associate Designer: Ella Lynch
Associate Designer: Asher Preston
Sound Designer: Baby X Daddy
Stylist: Georgie Bee
Wig Stylist: Truffle Pig Wigs
Producer: Bobby Harding


This exhibition is open Wednesday to Sunday 11-6