Hannah Perry, Mercury Retrograde

10th October  to 5th December 2015
PV Friday 9th October 6pm


each one of us is on a journey

i don’t know, this could be the worse thing for you

when the pain body is experienced
when it’s tussling with you

crushing or something

out of your head and into your body

gas lighting

no one here is an expert
you gotta be careful who you take advise from and who you tell your business to
you can’t be that kind of person
you can’t subscribe to that kind of lifestyle

putting in over time doing everything I like
you’re already thanking me,
and i say, oh i am still here

starting to die or slightly folded here
eventually the mind takes over

i love the thought of coming home to you
and you’re there doing your things or whatever
and i’m doing mine
you can bring your dog
i’ll let you know

where is this coming from

and the mind probably it never stops
but thats the truth, I’ve hidden it in the bedroom drawer
it’s a fallacy but thats the way it is
Would I lie to you?
it’s not that at a certain point in time it stops

treat it like a television set running in the corner of my room

you have something in your teeth


passive. it has to run

runnin’ through my mind all day,

i didn’t get your name


hannah im carl