Bex Massey

Bex Massey presents the viewer with isolated objects depicted in a soft realism, rendered in oil under an even light. Images are presented in relation to each other, two per work, a painted object depicted beside its partner to form a visual echo. Subtle parallels in the structure of each image create connections between the paired objects. The image pairings within these paintings encourage allusion to female bodies, building an underlying sexual tension imbued by the artist into quotidian objects. This is further extended by an implied auditory element to the images, the scenes contain the potential of noise.

Massey’s previous works and exhibitions have engaged the codes and history of queer culture, along with markers of selfhood and North of England identity. Massey cites society’s persistent, habitual reminder that female + female = incorrect, that existence outside of the approval and verification of the male gaze is inappropriate. Her recent fertility journey with her partner has brought this into sharp focus, and this process is alluded to in the title of each piece, named as they are after the potential sperm donors they have considered. This additional layer encourages the viewer to see the sexual imagery through a reproductive lens.

Recent projects include a solo presentation at Liste Art Fair Basel in June 2024. Massey will have a solo exhibition at Seventeen in autumn 2025.



Bex Massey CV


Seventeen Exhibitions

My Deuce, My Double
Liste Art Fair 2024



The Art Newspaper

Bex Massey, Cryobank Greg, 2024
Oil on canvas
120 x 85 cm

Bex Massey, Pride Angel 102, 2024
Oil on canvas
75 x 100 cm

Bex Massey, European Bank 628, 2024
Oil on canvas
100 x 75 cm

Bex Massey, Daniel, 2024
Oil on canvas
75 x 100 cm

Bex Massey, Fairfax Ken, 2024
Oil on canvas
75 x 100 cm

Bex Massey, Cryos 74263, 2024
Oil on canvas
91 x 61 cm

Bex Massey, Hers n Hers, 2023
Oil on canvas
80 x 115.5 cm

Bex Massey, There will be no Dawn for men, 2023,
Oil on canvas
75 x 100cm 

Bex Massey, Sandi Toksvig versus Sue Perkins, 2023
Oil on canvas
75cm x 95cm 

Bex Massey, What a Dick Van Dyke, 2023,
Oil and enamel on canvas
120 x 170cm