Patrick Goddard, Go Professional

28th April to 3rd June 2017
PV Thursday 27th April 6pm


SAM: Ok so you’re here now, and I can see you’ve reinvented yourself as a scruffy working- class-hero-type in adult life.

PATRICK: Awkwarrdd!

SAM: And you’re going to shake the very foundations of Capitalism with your edgy banker-bashing artist film. And you’re hoping that I will, erm… that I will play the villain in your little morality tale of good verses evil.

PATRICK: I’m not going to Martin Bashir you Sam, that’s not really what I’m…

SAM: OK phew! that’s good because an artist making a film about anti-capitalism or whatever is about as transgressive as a child telling its mum that its brushed its teeth when in fact it hasn’t, so erm… yeah.

– Excerpt from Patrick Goddard, Greater Fool Theory, (2015)

‘Go Professional’ is a trilogy of films by Patrick Goddard; Gone to Croatan (2014)Greater Fool Theory (2015) and Tune into Sanity FM (2017). Each 30-minute film is be presented in its own immersive viewing environment, the gallery divided into three parts.


Goddard’s recent solo exhibitions include ‘Looking for the Ocean Estate’ Almanac Projects, London, November 2016, ‘Gone To Croatan’ at Outpost Gallery, Norwich, May 2015; ‘Revolver II’ at Matt’s Gallery, London, November-December 2014. Goddard completed an MFA at Goldsmiths University in 2011 and is currently studying for a doctorate at Oxford University, in Fine Art practice.

Gone to Croatan, 2014, Installation view

Excerpt from: Patrick Goddard, Gone to Croatan, 2014
Single channel video with sound, 32 minutes
Featuring Adam Burton and Patrick Goddard, made with support from Wysing Art Centre.

Gone To Croatan documents the naive yet heroic attempt of an old friend to drop out of society.

Greater Fool Theory, 2015, Installation view


Excerpt from: Patrick Goddard, Greater Fool Theory, 2015
Single channel video with sound, 34 minuntes
Featuring Sam Solnick and Patrick Goddard

Greater Fool Theory sees Goddard interview childhood friend Sam Solnick, who is now working as an analyst in Canary Wharf.



Excerpt from: Patrick Goddard, Tune into Sanity FM!, 2017
Single channel video with sound, 32 minutes
Featuring Ravinder Atwal and Patrick Goddard

In Tune into Sanity FM! Goddard follows a self described witch, life coach, empath and single mum living in the Dagenham area.

Tune into Sanity FM!, 2017, Installation view