Andy Holden, Collected Free Labour

Andy Holden Collected Free Labour: Blog Interviews 2010-2021 This publication contains selected extracts from interviews with artist Andy Holden undertaken between 2010-2021. Previously existing online, central fragments of these Q&A blog’s have been rearranged thematically and intercut with a new conversation between the artist and the book’s editor Tyler Woolcott. … Continue reading Andy Holden, Collected Free Labour

Andy Holden, ArtAngel

By Andy Holden and Peter Holden with essays by Helen MacDonald and Darian Leader. To accompany the exhibition Natural Selection, commissioned by Artangel for the Newington Library, 2017. 128 pages, the book is reversible, one side is ‘Natural History of Nest Building’ and the other is a Social History of … Continue reading Andy Holden, ArtAngel