Rhys Coren, Whistle Bump Super Strut

PV Thursday 9th March 6pm
10th March to 15th April 2017

Cupid Cars.
Slow (intro).
Up all night.
Rude movements.
Situational melody.
Send in the clowns.
Midnight marching.
West El Paso Street.
Down & Dirty Duck.
Goody, goody, goody.
On Mercury’s cool cat.
All I want is all I know.
Slow burning bear funk.
Lizzy’s hard-boiled babe.
Whistle bump super strut.
The chasing cheesy chapter
Dance the dance, dancing feet.
Red-faced with embarrassment.
Cheeky, cheeky. Naughty, sneaky.
Last night changed it all (I really had a ball).
Always have somebody chasing somebody else.
I don’t want to get over (the sweetest hangover).
“Scintillating syntax,” soothed the solo on the synth sax.
Mischievousness made magical may make modesty more malleable.
Carly Simon’s Why, followed by Carly Simon’s Why, followed by Carly Simon’s Why (again).

Titles, (2016/17), text by Rhys Coren


Rhys Coren works across animation, writing, performance and painted marquetry; each media displaying an obvious pleasure in rhythm, rhyme, form, colour, space and negative space. This solo exhibition, his first at Seventeen, contains a series of painted, wall-based panels of textured, interlocking board.

Rhys Coren (b. 1983, Plymouth, UK) completed a Postgraduate Diploma at the Royal Academy of Art in 2016 and lives and works in London.

Recent exhibitions include click, click, click-clap-click, a solo exhibition at galeriepcp, Paris, in December 2016, and the forthcoming Whistle Bump Super Strut, a solo exhibition at Seventeen, London  in March 2017. He recently curated the group exhibition Cuts, Shapes, Breaks and Scrapes at Seventeen, London alongside Gabriel Hartley and he has co-founded curatorial projects including Opening Times and bubblebyte.org.

Rhys Coren, The Perennial Pandangle, 2017

Installation view

Rhys Coren, A slow (intro), 2017

Rhys Coren, You! Must! Feel!, 2017

Installation view

Rhys Coren, Night Flight Fight Right, 2017

Installation View

Installation view

Rhys Coren, All I Want is All I Know, 2017

Rhys Coren, Cupid Cars, 2017

Installation view

Rhys Coren, All My Beautiful Evil is Melting, 2017

Installation view

Rhys Coren, Lizzy’s Hard-boiled Babe, 2017

Rhys Coren, The Down and Dirty Duck Club, 2017