Sophie Michael, Attica

20th February – 23rd March 2013

Αττική (Attica) is a new 16mm film installation by Sophie Michael. The piece opens with a close-up of 8th Century BC Geometric pots spinning on a wheel to the sound of a 1973 greek ‘laiki’ record. As the crackling record turns, the close up patterns painted on the surface of vases animate the frame in multiple directions. Loose black lines run vertically, like paint on the surface of the film strip made centuries later. Waves of ancient red ink behave like an ornamental soundtrack that has strayed into the 16mm image. The double exposed footage twice tints the artefacts with bright colours and weaves moiré effects over the pale Attica clay. Scratches in the record, cracks in the objects and splices between rolls of film produce glitches in the visual music sequence and mark the points where these superseded materials have been crudely and anachronistically glued together.

The footage was made with thanks to the British School at Athens.

Sophie Michael (b. 1985) lives and works in London. Michael studied at Slade School of Fine Art and graduated from Royal Academy Schools, London in 2012. She was the recipient of the Prince of Wales Bursary for the Arts at the British School at Athens 2012- 13, and recent group exhibitions and screenings include Young London, V22, Experimental Shorts; 61st Melbourne International Film Festival, Melbourne; and SWITCH, BALTIC 39, Newcastle Upon Tyne, all 2012.

Sophie Michael, Attica, 2013 (installation view)
Attica still 1
Sophie Michael, Attica, 2013  (film still)
12 minute looped 16mm projection
Sophie Michael, Attica, 2013  (film still)
12 minute looped 16mm projection
Attica install 4

Sophie Michael, Attica, 2013 (installation view)

Sophie Michael Attica

Sophie Michael, Attica, 2013 (film still)
12 minute looped 16mm projection

Attica Install 1

Sophie Michael, Attica, 2013 (installation view)