Performance Exchange – Alice Gale-Feeny

For the inaugural edition of Performance Exchange we are exhibiting a new work by Alice Gale-Feeny. Begin in The Middle (Neither Me, Nor The Bucket) is a performance practice that proposes ways in which we may become-with each other, using a series of physical containers in body-object arrangements, as well as voice and video, to create feedback loops that inform intra-acting solo and group meetings. Through a process of recursion, we recalibrate from the middle, working with emerging vocabularies and arrangements as new starting points. What becomes of us?

Texts within the performance have been co-written alongside the performance collaborators Manuela Albrecht, Svenja Buehl and Michaela Gerussi.


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Alice Gale-Feeny (b.1989, Brighton UK) is an artist working with performance, via dance, writing, video and facilitation. She is interested in the relationship between felt experience and conceptual ideas and fictions. Drawing from perspectives within feminist science, posthumanism, physics and somatic practices, her work considers how perceptions and boundaries between bodies and spaces are differently understood.


Alice Gale-Feeny
Begin in The Middle (Neither Me, Nor The Bucket)
25 mins duration