A Plea For Tenderness

12th January – 25th February 2012

Curated by David Raymond Conroy

Sally-Ginger Brockbank 
Hal Hartley 
Andy Holden 
Sean Landers 
Paul Lewis
Lee Lozano
Jonathan Richman 
Jiří Skála
Carey Young 

I want to make a show that tries to illuminate the space that exists between sincerity and irony, or between apparent honesty and the techniques used to convey or convince people about the truth of what they are being told. I want to look at the romanticism of the direct address, the idea that presenting something with no frills is an effort to not present it at all, but to allow it to be seen. Or the sensation of seeing something that feels true precisely because it is in the most manufactured of environments.

Paul Lewis, Late Sunlight, 2011
Coloured gel on gallery lighting
Sean Landers, The Man Within, 1991
Lee Lozano, General Strike Piece
p.57, issue Number 6, 0 TO9 magazine, eds. Acconci, Vito & Mayer, Bernadette, Ugly Ducking Presse, New York, 2006
28 x 21.5 cm
Andy Holden, Tender, 2012
Multi-finish plaster and Vintage Range Homebase emulsion paint
137 x 55 x 55 cm
Andy Holden, Tender (Detail), 2012
Multi-finish plaster and Vintage Range Homebase emulsion paint
137 x 55 x 55 cm
Andy Holden, MI!MS Manifesto, 2012
Photocopy on paper
45 x 57cm
Interviews with Jonathan Richman
Single channel video compilation of YouTube Clips
Carey Young, I am a Revolutionary, 2001
Single channel video
Sally-Ginger Brockbank, A tendency towards coherence, 2012
Hal Hartley, Theory of Achievement (Installation view), 1991
35mm transferred to DVD
Jiří Skála, Foreign Bodies, 2011
Video with audio